3-year-old daughter of an Indian girl who died in US suffers from autism


3-Year-Old Indian Girl, 3, Dies After She Is Taught to Eat and Sleep by an American Teacher article A 3-month-old Indian girl from New Delhi has died in the US after she was taught to eat and sleep by an English teacher.

According to the police, the baby girl was brought to the US for the medical examination at a local hospital on December 23 after a doctor had recommended that she receive the medication as a precautionary measure to help prevent brain damage.

Her parents have filed a police complaint.

“I was shocked when I came home from the hospital and the hospital confirmed that she died,” said Anil Kumar Gupta, the father of the girl.

The police said they had received information from a relative that the girl was suffering from seizures.

The child’s father said he could not afford to take her to the emergency room, so he went to the local hospital and found the girl unconscious.

“She was taken to the hospital but she was not brought back.

I don’t know how she got out of the hospital,” he said.

Police have filed charges against the nurse, a US citizen, and her husband, both Indian citizens.

The US Department of Education is investigating.