Bill Murray plays in a school hockey game


Bill Murray’s first NHL game at a public school was on the weekend of July 10, and his new teacher has already noticed the actor’s skill.

In the video above, Murray, as a young man in the 1950s, is seen walking through the school gymnasium at Murray High School in Santa Monica, California.

Murray, who was on his way to play for the Santa Monica Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final, is greeted by the school’s coach, who greets Murray with the words “We’re all friends.”

“He says to me, ‘Bill, I think you should play for Murray High,'” the coach says.

“I say ‘We’re just friends.'”

Murray, who has a brother named Murray, and Maltas are a few friends of Murray’s, who were both students at Murray’s alma mater, Murray High.

The Murray High senior was a standout hockey player for Murray’s high school team in the 1960s, and he also played on the Murray Sharks.

The video ends with the former actor saying, “I have to say, I’ve always loved this kid.

He is an amazing athlete.”

A day after the video went viral, Murray sent an apology, telling the Santa Ana Register, “At Murray High I was never a part of any inappropriate activities.

I am so sorry.”

Murray has not been shy about his past, either.

In 2013, he posted a photo of himself posing with a man he identified as a former Murray High coach, the same coach who he says sexually assaulted him at the age of 16.

Murray has also been accused of sexual harassment by former Murray teammate Jody Sexton, who claimed Murray made sexual advances toward her in 2012.

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