‘Crazy Rich Asians’ creator says he’s still looking for a new show’s director


He is still in negotiations with a new network, but he has no plans to go back to his original HBO production company.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Yu Han told the magazine that he was interested in doing a new scripted series from an Asian American perspective, but that his current network would not be interested in working with him.

He said he’d be open to working with the network “if there was a chance of a new series that would be a more authentic portrayal of Asian Americans,” but that he still had no plans for a return to his HBO production unit.

Han said the series he wanted to create would “not be a TV show, it would be an anthology show that would explore the lives of Asian American men and women.”

In a separate interview with the magazine, he said that he and co-creator Joe Manganiello would be working on an “apocalyptic” story set in China, where the world’s population has been reduced to zero.

Han told EW that the show would be set in the 1930s, during the Great Leap Forward.

He said that Manganielli and his co-writer, Josh Singer, would also be working with writers from the film industry to craft the script.

He also said that “crazy rich Asians” would be the focus of the show.

The show has not yet received a formal order from HBO.

Han has written, produced and executive produced a number of popular shows on cable, including “Superstore,” “Black-ish,” “The Mentalist,” “Supergirl” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”