Doctor Who: ‘The Doctor’s Doctor’ Episode 3 is the final episode of the fifth season


The Doctor’s Wife is back, and she’s got a new story to tell.

Doctor Who: The Doctor is Dead is the fifth and final season of Doctor Who.

The show’s creator and writer Steven Moffat confirmed to E!

News that the final episodes of Season 5 will be called The Doctor Is Dead, and fans can look forward to some of the show’s biggest villains and mystery-solving adventures in the process.

“I’m really excited to have a fifth Doctor,” Moffat told EW.

“We’ve all seen the series before, but we never really knew what the last episode would be.

Theres just so much left to discover, and we know what it’s about, but I cant tell you exactly what weve been up to since the last season.”

We can already tell that The Doctor has a lot to say, and it’s a story that will have fans scratching their heads for quite some time.

The Doctor will be dealing with a mysterious plague, and he’s up against a group of super-villains, including a mysterious woman named the Doctor.

We also know that a mysterious entity called the The Doctor can be seen in the sky during the finale, and The Doctor himself will be seen traveling around Earth to warn of impending threats.

“The Doctor Is Back,” the episode that premiered earlier this year, was filmed in a New York apartment complex, where the episode will take place.

“There was a little bit of a sense of anticipation about what would happen with the Doctor’s return, so we wanted to give people something to talk about, and to tease the Doctor in the background,” Moffatt said.

“And that’s really what it was about.

It was really fun to shoot.”

You can watch the new episodes of The Doctor, Doctor Who, and Doctor Who’s The Doctor Again on E!

this Sunday.

Watch EW’s Doctor Who Season 5 Finale recap below.

DoctorWho season 5, Episode 3 of The Time War begins in the TARDIS.

It features a reunion between the Doctor and Amy, the Tardis.

It also introduces a new companion, who you may remember as Rory Williams.

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