Former Liverpool defender John Aldridge wants Arsenal to sign former England captain Tom Cleverley


By now you may have heard about the rumours that Arsenal were interested in the services of the former England international Tom Cleverly.

The 23-year-old defender played for the Gunners for three seasons, and is currently with the Championship club in the Championship.

However, Cleverley has recently stated that he has no desire to move to Arsenal, and that he’s only interested in moving to a Premier League club.

Arsenal fans, who were eagerly awaiting the news of the move, had a little more reason to hope when they spotted a tweet from the Liverpool manager, Arsene Wenger, saying that he would “love to get him”.

However, with reports that Arsenal have rejected a bid from Liverpool, it’s not been too long since Wenger had the last word on the matter.

Now, as the transfer window closes in, it seems that he might have had his wish.

Aldridge, who played for Liverpool between 2011 and 2013, said that he was not interested in any other club, and has not been keen on joining any other Premier League team.

“Liverpool have been great to me, I’ve played for them many times,” Aldridge told Sky Sports News HQ.

“I’ve enjoyed it.

I’ve enjoyed playing in the Premier League.

I enjoyed playing at Anfield, but the one thing I have to say is I don’t want to move.””

There is a lot of clubs I’d love to go to.

I’m not saying I’ll never do it, but I’ve always wanted to go there.

I don of course wish I could play at Arsenal, but if that’s not the case, I would love to get my foot in the door.”

Aldrid has already stated that the best thing he could ever want to do at Arsenal is join the Gunner, and it looks like he may have gotten his wish in the end.

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