Former teacher, ex-student accuse Tutoring company of child abuse


A former teacher at a New Jersey boarding school accused the company that runs tutoring services for New Jersey children of “child abuse,” and her former students alleged that they were sexually abused by tutors who worked in the same school.

The lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Newark alleges that the company’s tutoring practices are “systematic and widespread” and that the “school was run for profit” by the company.

“Tutoring is a lucrative industry,” the complaint states.

“The amount of money being made off of tutoring is enormous, and the children are not receiving the quality education they deserve.

The students are often deprived of their education, their childhood, and their future.”

In its complaint, the state Education Department said that TutoringUSA was “a known child predator,” and its staff “facilitated the abuse of children in their care.”

Tutors are licensed professionals who can work in private schools and private homes.

Tutors can also work at public schools, but the state said that the practice is more common in the public system.

Tutor training is considered a part of the curriculum at public school but tutoring has been banned in some states, including Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois, according to the department.

The state said the complaint comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed earlier this year by former students who accused a former Tutoring USA employee of sexual assault.

That complaint was settled with the former employee in July.

In its lawsuit, the former TutorsUSA employee, David Bostock, also named the company as the “primary perpetrator of child sex abuse,” according to court documents.TUTORSTUDENTS: A list of known perpetrators in our schools.SOURCE: