‘Game of Thrones’ star is on ‘Downton Abbey’ for another season, reports


TVGuide .com has learned that George R.R. Martin will return to the hit series “Game of Thrones” for the final four episodes of the season.

“DowntontAbbey” returns in 2018 on PBS.

According to an interview with Martin, he’ll be back for Season 5, which is set to be his last season as a writer.

“This is the last season, and I’m thrilled to have the privilege of finally ending my writing career,” Martin told TVGuide, adding that “I’m a little surprised, but I’m very grateful to HBO for allowing me to continue writing and directing the show.”

He said the finale of the fourth season will have “more character development and more dramatic moments.”

Martin is also set to write another HBO movie, “The Revenant,” which will begin filming in May 2019.

HBO has not yet commented on Martin’s return to “Dumb and Dumber.”

In a recent interview, he talked about the end of his writing career, saying, “I think the world is going to know how I’ve done and I have done a lot.

It’s not as if I’m retiring.

I’m actually going to keep working on it, because I want to see it through.”

Martin also said that the show’s ending will make him realize that “what I’ve written is a story that’s not just for myself anymore.”

“I want to do it justice, and that’s what the ending will be,” he said.

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