How do you make a music teacher attractive?


Tracy Tutor’s naked pictures of her students have made her one of the hottest young teachers in Australia. 

But in a recent interview with Fairfax Media, the 26-year-old teacher said she was “struggling with” her body image.

“I think a lot of people are concerned about their body, whether they’re in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and how they look,” Ms Tutor said.

Her body image has been a theme throughout her career.

A few years ago, Ms Tuter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, but she has not let the diagnosis affect her career and her relationship with her students.

“I’ve been a good teacher, and I’ve done well,” she said.

“But I’ve also been in a situation where I have had to deal with the fact that I’m a transgender woman.

It’s taken a lot to get me where I am, so it’s been tough.”

Ms Tutor, who has been in the public eye for a while, has been teaching in Melbourne since 2016, when she was 22.

She said her personal experience as a transgender teacher helped shape her career in the music industry.

“A lot of teachers and other teachers have come up to me and said, ‘What’s it like to be trans?’, and it has been very, very empowering,” she explained.

“So that’s one of my biggest strengths.

If I was to do it all over again, I would definitely be a teacher again.”

Ms Tracey Tutor has a number of nude images of her female students.

Photo: Supplied.

Ms Tutors body has not been in focus for a long time.

In April, she was one of five students to appear in an advertisement for Victoria’s Victoria’s premier music program, Victoria’s Music Academy, which teaches students the basics of music theory.

“The students are so enthusiastic about the idea of being on the program and working with a teacher that’s transgender,” Ms Tunstall said.

Her students are often inspired by her work and her commitment to teaching them.

“When I look at the students I think, ‘Oh my god, I’m so lucky, I have a teacher like Tracy Tutor’,” Ms Tutors mother said.

Tracy Tutors nude pictures are one of a number that have made national headlines.

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