How many players have had their careers shortened due to injury?


Football Italian is pleased to present a ranking of the 20 most likely players to have their careers affected by injury, based on the number of days since their last injury and the number that have been ruled out.

The list is divided into two groups: those who have suffered injury, and those who will have to undergo surgery.

Players who have sustained injury are not included in this ranking.

Players who will be forced to undergo surgeries are listed in the second group.

The ranking was compiled by Football Italians Football Team, which is based on data from the Italian National Football League (INF/ELEP), Serie A, and the Italian Football Association (FIA).

In addition to data from other sources, the data was collected and analysed by a number of different people.

This list has been made possible by the support of the FAS/FIA and the La Sportiva Foundation.

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