How to be a better writer: My tutor says you should stop being a ‘brainfused tutor’


If you’re still learning about writing, your tutor might say to stop using the word ‘brain’.

You can say that to yourself, but it’s not a wise thing to do.

When I was a teenager, I had a tutor who insisted on referring to me as ‘my brainfuse tutor’.

And if I had been a bit more careful about the word I used, I would not have been called that.

Writing a sentence is an art form, and it requires a certain amount of concentration, but the more words you can think about and the more abstract the ideas you’re trying to articulate, the more confident you will be.

The way I write my essays, I’m still struggling to write an essay about why I think I should go to university.

And yet, my tutor would refer to me with the word brainfused.

When you’ve learnt to write well, you’re more likely to succeed in the writing job market.

Writing your essay, though, is different.

Writing is a way of communicating ideas, not a way to solve problems.

The words I use to describe my writing skills are very specific.

Writing has never been a career path for me.

It’s not about being able to think of a sentence or two, but to be able to write.

When a word is used, it has an effect.

The word ‘fuse’ can be used to describe a spark of emotion or a strong idea.

Writing involves different types of ideas.

When something sounds good, it’s a good thing.

When it doesn’t, you can’t have too many ideas.

I’m a big believer in what’s called ‘flow’.

Flow means that we don’t have a fixed set of thoughts, but that we’re constantly trying to create new ideas.

Writing makes me feel more connected to the world around me.

I can’t say that writing is a passion, but I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to write because it allows me to think and create.

The more I write, the less I think.

I write to make myself more present.

I think to myself about what I want to say.

I don’t write for myself.

I want others to understand that.

I have a tendency to think about the past, and sometimes I think about how the world could be better.

Writing, though?

Writing is for me, because I want the world to see that.

As a result, I’ve found writing has made me more confident.

I’ve been writing longer, so it feels more important to write, which I find is a good feeling.

When we talk about ‘brain’, I use the word loosely.

The concept of writing as a method for solving problems is a bit of a stretch.

Writing should be a way for you to think.

It should be something you do.

I also find it hard to describe the difference between writing and reading.

I’d like to think that I can be a writer by being a reader, but maybe that’s not true.

If I can write about something in a way that is as accessible as possible, it’ll make me a better person.

Writing isn’t something that you’re doing to be an artist or a writer, it is something you’re supposed to do in order to help you to solve a problem.

When writing, you don’t solve a real problem.

It doesn’t have to be very complex.

Writing doesn’t solve any of the real problems we face.

But it can help you solve them.

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