How To Create A Toy That Has A ‘Mentality’


An interesting tidbit on the subject: “You can make a toy that has a ‘mental’ quality to it,” explains Reddit user The_Sly_Cody.

“Think of it as a character.

A kid can’t control the character in a book, but they can control the way that the character acts in the story.

A lot of kids have these character types that they’re very fond of, but it’s not always clear what they’re trying to accomplish with the toy.”

A “mental” character might be an antagonist, or perhaps a hero.

“But most toys are not meant to be your characters,” says The_Clyde.

“A lot of people say that a lot of toys are just for kids, and that’s fine.

But sometimes the toy isn’t meant to just be for kids to play with.

Some people will find the toy addictive, or even destructive.”

A toy that’s meant for the masses will have a lot less emotional attachment.

A “mature” toy will have some more emotional attachment to the characters and situations it plays with.

And a “toy” that has the “mood” of a classic movie will have an almost childlike, childlike level of attachment.

The_Wyld, the creator of this toy, says that the only reason he created this toy is because he was bored.

“I was bored,” he explains.

“And I really want to have a fun time with my kids, so I figured I could create a toy for them that would be something they would enjoy.”

He adds that the toy was inspired by “an older brother of mine who had a toy store in his backyard, and I wanted to bring something different to his backyard and give him something that would give him an idea of what I was making.”

The_Pawezy wrote: “I wanted to create a new toy for myself that would create a sense of mystery, so that my little ones would be able to have some fun, but still be able control their environment and not be overwhelmed by everything around them.

A toy would be very interesting for kids who want something different and they can’t get it from their parents.”

“You could create something that is just something that your kids like and then add a lot more to it, but for a toy, you could just go with something that’s really, really cool and a really fun toy to play,” he says.

The Toy Maker  “When you’re creating a toy and it’s for your kids, it’s kind of a blank slate,” says Brandon, the owner of the The Toymaker.

“The best way to start is to think of a few things that you want to do with your toys.

Then, figure out how to make them.

 If you have kids, there are things you can do with them that they can do too, like make toys out of Legos, and make toys to play on, and play with, and stuff like that.”

Brandon says the most important part of creating a product for his children is making it fun.

He explains that if you want your children to have fun, “It’s best to make a cool product, or at least a cool idea, and then let them go wild with it.”

He says that kids are the most fun people, and it makes a difference to him to have them create something cool.

He says it’s important to “make it fun for them to do something with it, and also for them not to think about it.”

Brandon says that he “never wanted to make toys that were a waste of money” because “a toy isn�t something that kids need to spend money on, but if they don’t have any money for a new play toy, that’s okay.”

Brandon says that if he were to make one toy, he would make it just for him and his children.

He has his own company that he’s called the Toy Maker LLC.

Brandon says “we are all just parents” and he does his best to help his kids “make things” that are just “cool.”