How to get a top tutor, with one click


A course that can teach a student to get their A-level results at a fraction of the cost of an expensive one has been launched by a British business.

Tutors, or tutors, are a relatively new concept in education.

“It’s a really new concept, but there are already so many of them and you don’t have to be an academic to have one,” said Tanya McDonagh, founder of Tutors and Teacher Advisors, who has trained more than 30,000 tutors across the UK and the United States.

The company is also offering a £1,000 trial that provides a single-click solution to getting a tutor on board.

One-click tutoring is not a new idea in education but the cost has been prohibitive.

Some schools, such as Eton, offer one-hour classes for students aged 11 to 16, while other schools charge a hefty fee for a single class.

Tutoring is being taken to new levels with tutors being offered for free to students in the top fifth of the class, where the costs of doing homework, studying for exams and preparing for a university exam are particularly high.

At Eton for example, tutors are being offered free to all students.

And some students are being paid to tutor as a way to help them get ahead.

McDonagh said: “We’re also seeing people getting tutors for free because they are having a hard time getting an A-levels or A-plus.”

She said the idea of a one-click tutor would be a good fit with the UK’s higher education system and was a great way to encourage students to go further and get better grades.

It is also not expensive.

As of June, the company has a base of nearly 500,000 students and a small number of tutors.

According to McDonag, about two-thirds of students get the tutoring at least once a month, while the rest of the time they go to the free online classes.

Students who are eligible for tutoring can register on the company’s website.

For free students, the free tutoring for students in a certain range of grades is available to all.

Once the one-off fee is paid, students get to decide how much they want to pay.

If they want the tutor to help with homework, McDonah said students should pay a minimum of £50, which is the minimum she has seen.

They could also choose to pay a further £50 for an extra teacher to help, which she said was a better option.

She explained that the company would also offer tutors to students who are not eligible for free tutors or who do not wish to pay the £50 fee.

I think it’s going to be a very successful venture.

But what will the business be able to do with the revenue?

McDonach said: “”The revenue that we get from this will be used for a lot of other things.

We are going to start using the money for education and research and for marketing, which we believe is the future of education.

“We have some fantastic young people in the classroom that we’re going to make a huge difference in.”

She said she was happy with the money raised from the one day trial but hoped the company could grow and expand.

“We’ve never really thought about growth.

I think we’re at the stage where we need to think about the future, and we’re not going to grow without it,” she said.

This story first appeared on The Hindu.

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