How to make your own custom-made Tutor Clipart for a Patient


You can make your custom-designed tutoring cliparts for patients with a few simple steps.

If you can’t find your own clipart online, we’ve included an example of a custom-drawn Tutor clipart below.

Here’s how you do it: First, draw a picture that matches the size and style of your patient’s profile.

If your patient has an unusual face, or is a little taller, make your drawing a little more elongated.

Second, create a list of words you want your patient to hear as they listen to your Tutor clips.

Third, put the words on paper, ink or paperclips.

This is where your Tutors creative talent will shine.

If there are any mistakes, you can just copy them and paste them back in later.

Once you have your list of choices, draw an image of your patients face that is at least 3-4 inches wide.

You can also use your own photos as the background to your image.

Make sure that the patient has a nice and symmetrical face.

If they have a slightly different face, make sure that your images are symmetrical.

Next, draw your Tutoring clip art on paper or ink, as shown above.

The Tutor will recognize the word you used and read the words as if you were speaking to them.

If that’s not your patient, use a photo as the Tutor’s eyes.

Your patient will be able to listen to the clipart as if it was the one they knew and loved.

You should have the patient’s name, address, phone number, email address, and social security number, along with a brief description of your Tuting clipart.

It’s not necessary to include any personal information such as names and birthdates.

Once the patient is listening to your personalized Tutoring Clipart, you’ll have their permission to take the clip art to your patients room, where you’ll print it and distribute it.

Your personalized Tutorclipart will be on their doorbell, as well as their personalized medical record and can be sent to anyone they choose.

This clipart will keep your patient and their loved ones in your office safe and sound.

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