How to tutor your kids with a free iPad app


The iPad app Tutor has made a name for itself as a place for parents to share their lessons and give them tutoring tips.

The iPad version is now available to anyone who has a free iOS device, and has the same learning capabilities as the app.

The free app features a new learning interface, where parents can post videos and audio lessons that are tailored to their child’s age and skill level.

It also lets parents add new learning content and lets them see the progress of their kids in the app on their iPad screen.

The new version of Tutor is a free download, and while the app has been available for some time, it’s only now becoming available on the iPad.

This new version is an update to the app that adds an interactive, video-based tutorial.

It features new video tutorials, and is now updated with more videos.

It’s a great addition for parents who want to teach their kids a new skill.

But parents should note that this new app also requires the use of a paid subscription, which can cost as much as $9.99.

If you’re interested in Tutor, here’s what you need to know: What is Tutor?

Tutor allows parents to post videos, audio lessons, and quizzes to their iPad screens.

Each of the lessons can be tailored to a specific age group, and parents can also add new content and track their kids progress.

The app also has a feature called a “learning mode,” where parents choose from a list of different tutoring modes.

The learning mode allows parents the option to set a limit to the amount of time they can allow their child to work on a specific topic, as well as provide parents with a checklist of skills they want to work with.

This is the most powerful feature of Tutour, as it lets parents keep track of their children’s progress, whether they’re completing a particular learning topic or a different one.

What’s in the new version?

The new Tutor app now includes more than 30 videos, a new interactive learning mode, and a video tutorial.

Parents can also share their own lessons, videos, and audio.

It looks like there’s also a feature to mark the videos as favorites so they don’t disappear from the screen.

Parents who have the free app can also post video lessons and videos to the iPad’s video streaming feature.

What else does Tutor have to offer?

There are a few new features, like a new video tutorial that features children teaching themselves the alphabet.

Another new feature, the “laboratory mode,” allows parents who already have the iPad app to see what tutoring activities they have to do for each lesson.

Parents also get to see their child progress in the “learning progress” tab, where they can check out their progress, and also see their progress in a list that shows which learning topics their child is currently working on.

Parents are also able to set up timers that will let them see how much time their child has left in each lesson, as long as they are logged into their account.

Finally, parents can see their children progress in multiple learning modes, including the interactive video tutorial and interactive learning, and can set a timer to see how many minutes they need to finish each lesson on their iPads screen.

What are the differences between the free and paid versions?

The free version is a paid app, which means that if you have a paid iPad, the app will automatically download the free version of the app if you want to use it.

You’ll still have to purchase the paid version to use the app, but if you’re on the free or paid version, you can always opt to get the paid app if it’s more useful.

What do I need to do to install the new free version?

Open the free iPad App on your iPad’s screen.

Tap the About section on the Home screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap Tutor.

Select the Free Version.

Select Installing.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

After your iPad is updated to the new Free version, tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and select General Settings.

Under General, tap Tutors settings.

Tap Installed and then select the Free version.

Once the free Tutor version has been installed, you’ll have access to the free video tutorial as well.