‘I am a real person’: Woman in court over alleged online tutor


A woman accused of online tutors allegedly paid for a fake online school to help her “develop confidence and self-esteem” has been jailed for two years and three months.

In a statement issued by a court in the Netherlands, the woman said she was trying to learn how to make friends and “live a normal life”.

The 34-year-old woman, from the city of Amsterdam, was accused by her lawyer of using a Skype-based tutor service to teach her English and “social skills”.

The court heard that the woman had “boredom, lack of confidence and depression” and was looking for a tutor to help develop her “self-esteem”.

The woman’s lawyer told the court she was “confident” of the woman’s innocence.

The court was told the woman was charged with “possessing a forged document to access a Skype service for the purpose of facilitating communication between a Skype user and a third party”.

The Netherlands has a strict “tutor law” that bans all online tutorship services.

The tutor was also accused of “improper behaviour” and having “an unfair advantage”.

In the statement, the lawyer said the court found that “it was clear that the defendant had used Skype to make contact with a tutor and that the tutor had no legal authority”.

The trial of the tutor is continuing.

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