Knack is a little bit like the Beatles in the way they’re both about music, writes Tracey Tutor


By Tracey Taylor-KurtenbacherTennis legend, tennis legend and author Tracey Turntable has been called ‘the next rock star’ by one of the most respected sports journalists in Australia.

But it seems she can’t keep her fingers crossed that she’ll be getting another shot to play the sport she loves in the coming years.

“I think they’re very much going to see this as a career, and that’s why it’s really important for me to stay healthy,” she said.

“It’s going to be very hard to be in the top tier of tennis players when you’re in your late 30s and you’re just struggling to keep it together and maintain your game.”

If you keep doing it, you’re going to keep getting better and better.

“Tutor said her playing career was cut short when she became a cancer patient at the age of 29.”

When I was a kid, I played for my dad in tennis and my mom played for her dad in the game,” she explained.”

He’d play for my brother in tennis, and we would get a couple of hours of practice each day and he’d sit down with us and say ‘okay, let’s just try this thing’.

“That was the first time I’d ever played a sport where you could actually have that sort of intensity and concentration on a level where you didn’t get too tired.”

That’s the thing about tennis: you have to have that to stay in it.

“She said the game’s success had been influenced by the hard work she put in to improve her game.

But she’s already set her sights on another sport in the future, with the possibility of being a professional tennis player.”

My next sport is tennis, but I want to do it in the same way that I do tennis,” she added.”

So maybe next year I’ll go and play in a tournament.

“Then it’ll be a new thing for me, I’ll have to really put in the time, the work, the dedication to do that and it’ll all come together and then hopefully be really exciting.”

Tutors mother, daughter and husband, Andrew and Tracey, have three children from previous marriages and are looking forward to her return to tennis.

“She’ll be in a position to give the kids a new perspective on the game, and hopefully, hopefully, give them the tools to do well at the next level,” Tracey said.

A career in tennis is certainly a big goal, and the Tutors aim to make the transition to another sport.

“We want to play at a higher level and maybe do something different, maybe have a little different idea of what we want to be doing,” Andrew said.

Tutor is just one of many people who have come out of retirement to help tennis develop its future, and she says her career is a key part of that process.

“A lot of people I talk to about their retirement plans, they don’t want to make any promises.

They want to wait and see,” she says.”

I know that’s the biggest thing that we have to learn to do is make sure that we’re playing well and that we keep on playing and hopefully we can achieve something big.”

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