‘My mother is dying’: The death of a former Buddhist teacher


Posted November 19, 2019 07:03:48 A former Buddhist tutor has died at the age of 78 after being attacked by his daughter in the home she shared with her family in a rural township in the northern Israeli province of Golan Heights.

The former teacher, identified only as Aisha, died on Sunday, the Palestinian Medical Society said in a statement on Monday.

She was from the town of Sefer in the Hama district of the West Bank.

Her daughter, who was not identified, was arrested by Israeli police in the area and detained for two days.

The arrest came on Monday after Aisha’s son said he was taken to the police station to be questioned by officers about his mother.

“I cannot tell you the depth of my grief and pain, especially in light of the fact that the young man is innocent and will not face trial,” Aisha told The Associated Press.

She would not allow anyone to harm her.””

My mother was a great teacher and was a fierce supporter of my religion.

She would not allow anyone to harm her.”

She said her mother had suffered from dementia and was receiving treatment for mental illness.

Palestinian news agency Maan quoted the head of the Golan Authority, Ghassan Al-Zayyim, as saying that the police had arrested the parents of the suspect.

“The parents of an Israeli woman accused of killing her child have been arrested, according to the Palestinian Authority,” the statement said.

Israel’s security cabinet met Monday to discuss the arrest, the PA statement said, and called for the families of the two victims to be notified.

The incident occurred in the wake of an escalation of violence in the West, with a series of suicide bombings and shootings that have left more than 100 Palestinians dead since October.

Israel says that it has killed at least 6,000 Palestinians since the start of October and has arrested more than 500 people.

The death toll from violence in Gaza, the West and East Jerusalem has reached more than 1,300.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.