Royal tutor and tutor website to be sold for £20 million


Virtual writing tutor and tutoring website to go from being a luxury website to a reality. 

The Royal Tertiary Education Trust (RTET) announced it would be selling the online tutoring and tutor websites to a global company that wants to build a global business from the ground up. 

RTET is selling the website for £200m. 

There are currently about 700 websites that are owned by RTET, but it has recently been revealed that the website is now being sold to a private equity firm with the intention of putting it on the market. 

A deal with the new company will see the site move into the hands of a Chinese company, PaiTut, who will then turn it into a global education company. 

According to RTET CEO, Simon Condon, the online teaching site is now in a good position to become a global empire. 

He said: “I can see this being a big success for the company.” 

RTE said it will retain control of the Tutoring website and will be able to continue its education, education and tutorship programmes on the Tutor website. 

It said it is working to establish a global partnership with PTC and the Chinese company to take Tutoring online and beyond. 

PTC is a major investor in Tutoring, having invested £500m over the last five years. 

RTT said it had invested £20m in the Tutors website since its launch in 2006. “

That is why we will be working with PTS to develop a global platform for tutoring.” 

RTT said it had invested £20m in the Tutors website since its launch in 2006. 

While it will continue to run the site as it was in 2006, the Tutorship website will now focus on education and mentoring, as well as its educational and tutoral services. 

 The RTET website will remain a platform for learning, tutoring, and tutours, with no new offerings, including tutoring for the deaf, disabled and those with intellectual disabilities. 

However, the new PTC partner, which will own and operate the site, will now become the new owner of the website, with the aim of turning it into the largest online learning and tutouring platform in the world. 

Its also worth noting that this is just the start of the company’s ambitions to become the largest tutor and education provider in the entire world.

“We are already on track to create the world-class online education platform Tutoring for all,” said Condon. 

In its announcement, RTET said it was aiming to become one of the world´s leading educational providers in the education, training and tutour market.

It said:  “The Tutoring platform is built on the same foundation as our existing online teaching platform 

We believe the world needs an online education that is easy to navigate, accessible and accessible to everyone.” It added: “[The new] platform will also be an attractive partner for new and existing educational and teaching organisations, including those who want to expand their learning offerings.” 

The announcement comes just a week after RTET announced that it had acquired a minority stake in a US-based education company, Udacity. 

On the other hand, RTT has been in the business of offering online education for a long time, with tutoring being a key part of its business. 

At the time, the site said it hoped to “provide students with a simple, reliable and accessible learning experience” with Tutoring as the core. 

Speaking at the launch of its new UK-based website, RTI, Condon said that the Tutouring platform would become “a global platform, connecting students and teachers from around the world”. 

He continued: It will be an excellent place for our students to learn, and for our staff to work, so that we can continue to deliver the best education and training experience to our students, teachers and students in the UK. 

TUTOR has been one of Britain´s most popular online learning services, with thousands of students from around Britain using it each week. 

Today, it said it has more than 9,000 tutors and tutortuators using the Tutored service and said it would now become a “global platform”. 

However Condon was keen to stress that the new partnership between PTC, which owns Tutoring and has a stake in Tutors, and the new partner, PTC-backed Chinese tutoring giant PTCT, would not lead to a monopoly of Tutoring on the internet. 

“[Tutoring] will not be able to compete with the offerings from other providers,” he said. 

But PTC has the backing of several big tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. 

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