Student tutor: ‘I don’t have time for this shit’


A former student tutor at a public university in the US is claiming he was bullied and treated unfairly when he complained about the treatment of black students, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The alleged victim, who was not named in the article, told the Times that a male professor had accused him of having “no time for” the school system.

“I have been in the university for three years now and I have had zero tolerance for racism or discrimination,” the former student told the newspaper.

“I’m a person who was born and raised in the black community and I never really had the opportunity to work in the Black community.”

“The only time I had a chance to work with a Black person was when I worked with the NAACP, but I never had any chance to do anything with them.”

“He never really did anything for me.

He was just always talking about his personal issues with Black people.

He would say things like, ‘I can’t wait to get out of here, I’m not going to leave,’ or ‘I’m tired of living in the ghetto’.””

I felt like I was being punished for speaking up about my experiences.”

He was not the only black student at the school to make the same complaint.

According to a statement from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), black students are twice as likely to experience bias at colleges than white students.

The association said it was not surprised by the claims and hoped to work to make changes.