The ‘move tutor’ who turned her son into a billionaire and the world’s richest man


A mother of two boys, Shazia was on a quest to teach her boys the value of hard work and selflessness.

The 29-year-old, who was born in India, had decided to travel to Dubai when she first visited the UAE and then India.

She was looking to take her children to a school where she could get to know them more intimately and, after a couple of months, get them ready for university.

She and her husband, Shah Rukh Khan, started her own business, which was a business venture and which eventually became an entertainment brand, with Khan as the CEO.

She then set up her own private tutoring centre in Dubai and then went to Dubai to teach their sons.

The son who became an internet millionaire and the ‘move tutors’ of Dubai Shazai Shah Rukhs Khan, left, and Shazi Khan (right), right, are seen in this undated handout photo provided by Dubai-based company Khan Academy.

When Shazie was 12, her husband came to the UAE to start his own business and they decided to set up Khan Academy in the country.

Shaz was able to get her boys into the school and, eventually, Khan Academy became the world record holder of move tutor, the job which is usually done by a mother.

Now, Shaza and Khan are among the world leaders in the business of moving tutor, with Shaza’s son having made the list of the most valuable millionaires. 

Shazia, who is now the chairperson of the Dubai Academy of Moving Tutors, told the Wall Street Journal, “I want to use this experience to help young people to learn and achieve their dreams, and also for them to help others.”

Shazi has also been seen in films and TV shows and has appeared in the news regularly for his role in the new movie “Mama,” which is due out in October.

Shazie, who has been a model for a number of years, also runs her own fashion company called Shazis Clothing and has been seen on television programmes, including “American Idol.”