Tracy Tutor nude photos of her tutor


TRACY TUTOR has been forced to delete her nude photos, which have been published online by the personal tutor who has been accused of sexually abusing her.

In the nude photos published online, Ms Tutor, who was 14 when she met her tutor, was seen in a position of sexual entitlement, with her breasts and genitalia exposed.

The nude photos were allegedly taken by her former tutor, Traci D. Mitchell, who is now 53 and living in California.

Mr Mitchell was jailed in January 2017 for 12 years and eight months for sexual assault, blackmail and other offences.

In a statement to ABC News, Ms Mitchell said the photos had been taken by a friend, who had shared them with her and her family.

“I am extremely sorry that I did this to my former tutor.

The photos are very inappropriate and I have made the best of an awful situation by deleting them from my computer,” Ms Mitchell wrote in the statement.

Ms Tutor said she was devastated.

“My entire life has been taken away from me,” she said.

“When I was a child, I was given everything.

It’s time to start over and start looking forward to the future.”

All of my friends, and even some of my family members have expressed shock and disbelief that this has happened to me.

“It is a betrayal of trust that I was put in this position, and that my former teacher is now still out there with me.”

Tracy Tutor has had her private photos published on the internet.

She said the online photos were taken from a photo album of the pair in her bedroom, which she said had been left behind.

“This has been a complete nightmare,” she told the ABC.

“People don’t know that this was taken before my life was even a thing.”

The pictures were taken in January of last year and I never even saw them before.

“Ms Tutors father told the court Ms Mitchell had used her “access to me to do whatever she wanted to me and to my parents and my children.

“Ms Mitchell, from California, told the jury that she was in therapy and had been trying to get help for years.”

In a sense, I’m an adult.

I know what I did was wrong,” she testified.”

But it’s also my responsibility to stop.

“Tracie Tutor is one of the celebrities facing sexual abuse allegations, including in a number of countries including Australia.

She also faces criminal charges in the US and in Australia over the alleged sexual abuse of her students.

Mr and Mrs Mitchell, of New York City, told jurors they did not know each other and they had been together for many years.

They said they believed Ms Mitchell was innocent and that she had acted in self-defence.”

There is no excuse for what happened to Tracy,” they said in the court statement.”

If she wants to be a professional teacher, she must learn to be accountable to her community and to her students.

“Mr Mitchell, 55, of Manhattan, New York, is currently in jail on two counts of sex abuse of a child and two counts each of conspiracy to commit child pornography and possessing child pornography.

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