Tracy Tutor: The woman who brought the marriage down


In the early 1990s, Tracy Tutors first found herself in the middle of a divorce.

“I was divorced, with no children,” she told The New York Times in 2001.

But her relationship with her ex-husband was rocky.

Tutors and her husband, former NFL quarterback Jerry Rice, were never able to come to terms over a child custody agreement.

In 2003, he sued her and the couple divorced.

After years of separation, Rice and Tutors divorced in 2006.

The divorce was a messy one, and Tutor said she was frequently frustrated with the process.

She said that Rice had no say in her financial affairs, and he was often absent during her most important moments in her life.

She said she felt “a lot of pain” during that time.

In 2007, Tutors filed for divorce and Rice’s lawyer argued that the divorce was unfair.

Rice’s lawyers argued that Rice was entitled to the child support money because he had taken care of Tutors and that Tutors was entitled in the divorce decree to custody of their children.

Tutor and Rice filed for a divorce in 2008.

In the filing, Rice’s legal team said Rice was trying to get Tutors out of the house because she was not living up to her responsibilities as a mother and a wife.

The filing also said Rice’s divorce was “intended to remove Tracy from the life of the family” because she “is not living within her financial means.”

In the divorce, Rice argued that he could not afford to pay Tutors child support because he was divorced and “has a significant unpaid child support obligation to a third party.”

In his ruling, Judge Susan Segal wrote that Rice “has never been able to adequately provide for Tracy’s welfare and the child, and in fact, has sought to make Tracy financially dependent on his ex-wife and has done so for many years.”

The court said that in 2012, Rice was able to pay $50,000 to Tutors, which the judge described as “a reasonable amount of child support.”

Tutoring and Rice did not comment to the media about the ruling.

In court documents, Rice said he “remains faithful to Tracy and has always paid her child support and alimony.”

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