Tracy Tutoring Center opens in Dublin, Irish


A new Irish language tutoring centre is set to open in Dublin. 

The new Tracys Irish Language Tutoring Centre, which will be located on the corner of O’Connell Street and St Stephen Street, will offer free language tutors and tutoring groups for the first time in Ireland.

The centre will be open to students and adults from all ages.

It will offer online tutoring, interactive learning and online classes for the elderly, as well as a full range of English language and study materials.

The Tracos Irish Language tutoring centres have been operating in Dublin since 2013.

The Irish language tutor, Tracy Tutor and Language tutor for the UK, Tara Hennings, said the new centre was a “game changer” for the Dublin community.

“This is a game changer for the Irish language community in Dublin and it’s going to make it even better,” she said.

“It’s going the other way and I’m so excited to be working with them, I know the passion they have for their Irish language and it will make a big difference.”

The centre has been run by the Tracies Irish Language Trust (TILA), a community-based organisation since 2013 and has an annual turnover of more than €100,000.

The facility will open in November next year.

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