Udemy’s Udemy course tutor is dead, but the class still exists


Udemy has confirmed that its course tutor for the popular MOOC Coursera course Heroes has been killed.

Udemy said in a statement to Mashable that it was not possible to confirm the cause of death for the “recently deceased instructor”.

The post has been taken down on the site, but Udemy explained in the statement that the company had removed its course “Hero Tutor” from the platform.

“Unfortunately, Udemy is unable to confirm at this time the cause for the recent death of Udemy instructor, James Schulz, the course mentor,” Udemy wrote.

“However, we want to let you know that we are continuing to work to bring this individual to a full and dignified rest.

We sincerely apologize for the loss of this person.”

Schulz, who co-founded Udemy in 2009 and founded the Udemy Heroes course, died on July 10.

Udya said in its statement that it had taken the decision to bring him to a “full and dignify rest”.

Schulz co-created Udemy with the likes of Justin Bieber and Tim Tebow, but has worked with other stars such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

The course has been the target of criticism for its lack of content and a focus on courses for students to study on their own.

Udacity has long sought to bring in more revenue from Udemy students, including by offering premium memberships and premium course titles.

However, some of the courses have attracted criticism for not offering enough content.

Udaya announced it would remove a number of popular courses from its platform in June and in July announced it was shutting down a number that were no longer being offered.

Schulz was one of the most popular Udemy instructors in the country.

He also co-authored the popular “Hacks for Kids” course.