UK tutors say they will stop teaching online, in an effort to reduce workloads


UK tutoring companies have announced that they will no longer teach online.

The decision comes after a recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) found that some online tutoring services were providing low-quality instruction.

The OII concluded that there were more than 2.6 million online tutors in the UK.

“Tutoring is a vital part of our curriculum for thousands of young people who need to find their footing in life, and we are committed to ensuring that these services meet our needs,” said Toni Williams, the chief executive of Tutoring UK, which operates a range of tutoring firms.

“The OII’s report clearly shows that the number of online tutor sites is growing, and that many people are getting the best possible value for money.”

The UK government has recently published a new set of regulations which will ban online tutorship services from the 2020-21 academic year.

However, it has not made any specific provision to protect online tutored children.

The Government has previously said that it wants to encourage more tutoring of disadvantaged children, but the Government has not given any clear plans for how that would be achieved.

The new regulation states that providers who provide tutoring online will need to provide the relevant guidance, data, and performance metrics to ensure that tutoring is not in breach of the new rules.

“We are committed that tutors are provided with the best and most cost-effective learning resources, as well as the most professional, ethical and responsible support that is consistent with the values of the UK Government,” said Ms Williams.

“This means that we will stop offering online tutouring services, including tutoring for children in the home, and instead focus on providing the highest quality learning support that students, teachers and parents can trust.”

The new regulations will come into force from September 2018.

The UK Government has said it will continue to consult on the regulation.

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