What are the best free tutoring sites?


The best free online tutoring services are: The following sites are available to students who do not wish to pay a fee for their tutoring: A-Z  (  a-zen (, AvantGroups (www, ), Blanket Tutor (www)    Cloud Tutoring  Chronicles  (www).

  Chegg (www), Coursera (www); Google (www.), Gumby (www.)

 Microsoft  (msft), Omnitool (www.).

 Pandora (www.,

 Pete’s Tutoring (www and (www,) and The Learning Channel ( ).

 The Tutoring Connection  and TutorConnect  have tutoring options for free.

 TuttiFrutti and (www.): TUTORATING  are free to use.

Teaching Apps (www): TEACHING  is free to download and use.

    TeachIt  Free (www  or  free, www) is available on a limited basis.

Tuttit tutoring app for iPhone (www ): TUTTIT TUTORING APP  .

You can also use Tuttit for iOS.

Television Tutor – FREE (www: Tutors TV app.

The Online Tutoring Site  is a service that is not available in every country.

See our free online tutors section for more info.

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