Which Tutors Are Right for You?


Home tutoring is a popular way for parents to spend time with their children while learning new things.

But it can be expensive.

The average cost for a full year of tutoring at a private school in the U.S. is $3,000 per student.

Learn more about private school tuition.

TUTORAL HARDWARE & SUPPLIES There are two types of tutors: private tutors and school tutors.

Private tutors pay a fee to the tutoring company that works with them.

Schools pay a per-minute rate that varies by state.

The amount of tuition charged varies depending on the school and the level of experience required.

Schools usually charge a fee of between $2,000 and $10,000 for full-time tutoring and a maximum of $10 the first year.

Schools also pay a “tutor bonus” for every student who receives a pass through a school program.

For instance, if a school allows you to tutor with your own students, then you’ll pay a student-tutor fee for every tutoring session.

TARGETS FOR SCHOOL TUTORS Most schools that require tutoring will focus on one or two skills at a time.

However, the following schools have a wider range of classes available.

Private schools: *Cape Cod Institute for Education (CAPIE) has tutoring in every classroom and is located in the area around the school.

*Loyola Marymount University (LMWU) has a tutoring program in each school.

These schools also offer a full-day tutoring schedule with the option to have tutors working through the week.

*Sterling Academy is located near the South Carolina border.

The school offers tutoring for every class except one.

*The School for Children with Disabilities offers tutors in the following grades: 4th through 8th grade.

*Bishop Wills Academy offers tutorers in every class.

*Crown Heights Academy offers a full day tutoring option for the following grade groups: 3rd through 8-9.

*Harborfront Academy offers an in-person tutoring course.

*John Deere Academy has a full school day tutorship program, which is offered in grades 3 through 9.

*Powell Elementary is located about two hours away from Cape Cod Institute.

It also offers full day programs for all grades.

*Rochester Middle School offers a tutored schedule for grades 6 through 12.

*Dakota Charter Academy offers in-house tutoring.

*Riverdale Academy offers online tutoring through a program called TechTutor.

*South Carolina State University has an online tutorship course called Tutor for Every Child.

These programs are offered in both grades 3 and 8.

The Tutor For Every Child program requires a pass to enroll.

The pass is required for every full- or part-time student enrolled in the program.

Learn about online tutors at colleges and universities.

For more tutoring information, check out the online tutor programs for private schools.

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