Why I’ve never played Fallout 4 before


I have no idea.

That’s the problem with being a gamer, the inability to understand how the game works.

Fallout 4 is not just a shooter or RPG, but a sandbox with no end in sight.

Its core mechanics are broken.

There are no crafting recipes, no crafting stations, no inventory, no loot, no quest lines.

Fallout: 4 doesn’t have quests.

There is no quest to complete.

Its game is one where you can play for hours, never completing a single task.

And yet, it’s so much fun.

There’s no time to sit and wait for things to come together.

I never thought I’d be so involved in a game like Fallout 4, but its the kind of game that I’m excited to play more.

Fallout’s combat is fun.

Its weapons are fun.

But it has no story to hold me back.

Its all about how you react to the world around you, what you do when you get into trouble, and the choices you make.

It has no quest.

Its a sandbox that’s yours to explore and make your own.

It’s a game about exploring, making new friends, and playing Fallout 4 as often as you like.